About Us

Elevating Businesses ThroughCreative Web Designs

At WebLychee, we are dedicated to elevating your online presence through beautiful and user-friendly web designs. We combine creativity and technology to craft websites that engage, inspire, and deliver results. 

WebLychee Rachelle Mata


CEO & Designer

Hello! I’m thrilled about automating processes ! I’m the maestro behind organizing workflows and crafting delightful customer journeys. My mission is to ensure that our clients have not just a smooth but a downright fun experience while partnering with us. Let’s turn every interaction into a seamless symphony of efficiency and enjoyment! 🌟💻✨

WebLychee Ian Mata


Web Designer/Programmer

Oh, I am positively over the moon to be a web designer! 🌈💻 The world of design is my playground, and I’m on a mission to craft online spaces that don’t just look stunning but also feel like a cozy digital hug. 🎨✨ I’ve got this fiery passion for making websites not only visually delightful but also as user-friendly as a comfy pair of slippers. Let’s turn the online world into a vibrant, user-friendly paradise, one pixel at a time! 🚀👩‍💻✨