SEO Plans

Make Your Website Searchable by Google

Elevate your online presence with our premium SEO package! Tailored for success, it includes a meticulous analysis of your website, targeted keyword optimization, and strategic backlinking to catapult you to the top of search engine results. With a personalized roadmap for sustained growth and comprehensive competitor research, our expertly crafted SEO package ensures that your website not only meets but exceeds search engine expectations. Watch as your rankings climb and organic traffic surges – your digital success story begins here!

Basic SEO

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This basic SEO setup ensures that your website is searchable in Google. This is included for FREE for all websites we design. For websites that we didn’t design, we offer this for $99. We will incorporate your website into different tools to make sure that your SEO performance can be tracked and improved in the long-term. This plan includes the following:

1. Site added to Google Analytics
2. Site submitted to Google Business Profile
3. Site added to Google Search Console (Sitemaps added)
4. Site preference (www or non-www set)
5. SSL Certificate

SEO Boost

We’ll give a BOOST to your website’s SEO! We’ll optimize and update your pages based on keyword terms for improved searchability! This includes:

    1. Keyword research (for best short, mid, or longtail keywords)
    2. Page Title and Description Optimization
    3. Content optimized (or created)
    4. Headings and HTML structure optimized
    5. Keywords implemented in content
    6. Image optimization
    7. Image files renamed
    8. Alt text added
    9. Existing pages/sites linked
  • 1 keyphrase or location page = $199
  • 3 keyphrases or location pages = $399
  • 5 keyphrases or location pages = $599
  • 10 keyphrases or location pages = $999