Hourly Rate

Our current fees are:

  • For maintenance plan clients: $50/hour, invoiced at 30-minute intervals.
  • For non-maintenance plan clients: $75/hour, invoiced at 30-minute intervals.

Why the price difference?

Making changes to a site that has not been regularly updated, secured, and managed by us frequently necessitates additional backend work for even relatively basic improvements. It’s one of the key causes we heartily advise signing up for our monthly plan. We’re pleased to provide a lower pricing on updates, changes, and additions if you trust us to take care of your site and keep it operating smoothly month after month.

We provide our hourly rate for things like rapid website updates, one-off development additions, and graphic design work for current and previous clients, even though major projects are anticipated at a fixed charge. If you are currently a client, you are well aware of how quickly we work and how well-timed and effective our service is. We gather as many details as we can upfront and then offer a time estimate before continuing.

If you’re interested, our rate is still below average when compared to other web firms and design studios with the same degree of experience and dedication to the client. (The majority of qualified freelancers and design teams bill between $40 and $250 per hour.)

We deliberately make this pricing as low as possible so that customers can afford our hourly services as necessary. To arrange a retainer of hours for some website upgrades or to ask any inquiries, get in touch with us!