Highway Advocates

Highway Advocates

Highway Advocates comprises a dedicated team of legal professionals specializing in the transport industry. In an effort to enhance user experience and streamline content management, we successfully migrated their website from Joomla to WordPress. This transition enables us to make updates more efficiently, ensuring a smoother and faster process for keeping the website current and relevant.

What is needed?

The initial development of the Highway Advocates website was executed using Joomla. However, the owners and maintainers confronted notable difficulties in the process of effortlessly incorporating and updating content. The existing content management system posed challenges that hindered the smooth addition and timely updating of information on the website. This led to a pressing need for a more user-friendly and efficient platform to streamline content management, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for both administrators and visitors.


To meet Highway Advocates' demand for a more efficient content management platform, we successfully transformed their Joomla website into a WordPress site, implementing the versatile Divi theme. This strategic choice not only facilitated seamless copying and updating processes but also allowed for enhanced customization. Additionally, we incorporated specialized blog templates, ensuring a user-friendly interface for the effortless addition of blog content. While embracing these improvements, we meticulously preserved the distinctive look and style from their previous website, maintaining brand consistency and ensuring a smooth transition to a more responsive and manageable online presence.

Here is the video on how did the website changed from the old rigid website to a responsive website. We used “clamping” to make sure that texts and images are responsive. Here’s an article or tutorial on how to use clamp to make your websites responsive: Clamp Tutorial