Clinic Management Solution

Ivax Medical Solutions

What is needed?

Ivax Medical Solutions, a new vaccination company, started with just one clinic two years ago. Now, they've expanded to over 15 branches across the Philippines. To manage patient data efficiently across all locations, they required a website and a patient management application that includes scheduling, payment, checkup logs, and database.


We've created a website for Ivax Medical Solutions, highlighting their strength in delivering vaccines, with a particular focus on rabies prevention following dog bites. The website showcases an array of services, diverse branches across the country, and the extensive range of vaccines offered. What sets this website apart is the patient management system, tailored to accommodate different branches, healthcare professionals, and services seamlessly. Patients can easily schedule appointments online to secure their slots before heading to the clinic. Additionally, we've integrated payment options, ensuring hassle-free transactions via card or digital methods. At Ivax Medical Solutions, their priority is to provide a user-friendly experience that prioritizes health and convenience.